Transforming Your New Home

At CasaLuka Developments, it’s our purpose to transform distressed homes into beautifully designed homes for local families

CasaLuka Developments is a family owned and operated full service real estate solutions company.  CasaLuka isn't your average home remodelling company. We pour our hearts into every property we design, and we love to get to know the house on an intimate level in order to recount it’s story. We pay enormous attention to detail and together with our experienced design team, we strategize and design the optimum floor plan and finishes to bring our vision to life.


Billy Gallagher began his love for real estate with one simple “flip”. Alongside his successful career in skateboarding, his passion for real estate developed on site while designing and rehabilitating homes. Proud father to son Luka, Billy also prides himself on his collaborations with CasaLuka’s contracting partners to ensure that the end result of every home is truly transformative.

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Sara Gallagher began her journey with real estate acquisition and rehabilitation while working in the Real Estate Investing industry. Armed with her strong passion for corporate and social responsibility with various organizations, Sara has combined her marketing and real estate experience to ensure that each CasaLuka property isn’t just a house, but a home for the perfect family.